12 Best Auto Mechanic Books of 2020 – Buy & Download Free

Free Auto Mechanic Books: Do you want to become an auto mechanic? If yes, then you are in the right place. There are many ways to learn auto mechanics. Still, the book is one of the easiest and best ways to gain knowledge of its need to read the right book well books are well written for experienced mechanics and beginners those who are interested to learn self-taught. There are lots of scope for auto mechanics in 2020.

Making it clear with the fact that every mechanical student’s minds popups when they decide to work on practical things and that same applies to professionals as well, learning auto mechanic not easy as there are many aspects to be considered such as automotive, DIYers, how cars work and much more.

However, the exciting stuff falls into one to other place mechanical books also written on various categories as follows:

  • Auto mechanics fundamentals.
  • Automotive Electricals System.
  • Cars DIYs Repair.
  • Build Own Car or Mechanic System

There are more, but I have mentioned a few of them, which are the most useful and beneficial topics that can help experienced or self-taught mechanic.

Here are the basic facts that you need to keep remember while learning from books. I know there are many excellent courses out there, but if you are a self-learner, it won’t be difficult for you to cross the line and be unique in your work. You can experiment on cars with the help of these books.

Becoming a professional is not easy but not impossible as there are many sources, and one of them is to gain knowledge by studying auto mechanics books. I know amazon has a lot of listings. Hence, which one is best will always be a hectic decision, so here we have written a detailed guide about it.

Here we have shared the top 12 best list of Auto Mechanics Books In 2020 below!

Why you need to read Auto Mechanics Books?

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Best Auto Mechanic Books 2020

The book is written by Deanna Sclar, which contains auto mechanic tips for new aspiring mechanics covered everything related to vehicle stuff. Deanna Sclar is one of the known car book authors who also appeared on several TV shows.

The book is all about troubleshooting problems and gaining more knowledge of the repair system of the vehicle. All chapters are explained well and easy to understand.

As you can spell, the book contains dummies so obviously there is no complexion you can get all information in simple language, it has 4.4 ratings out of 5 if you want to learn effectively you should grab this fantastic book now.

Book Content:

  • An under-the-hood checklist.
  • Advice on using proper tools.
  • Techniques to extend car life.
  • Eco-friendly tips for saving fuel.
  • Illustrations to help with repairs.
  • Pros of alternative fuels.
  • Choose, check, and care for tires.

Are you an e-book lover? If you do, then you will like this book; however, it’s one of the most popular books for auto mechanics. The e-book is downloadable from the amazon kindle store paperback version available. 

Also, the book is written by James E. Duffy. In this book, you may get information about electric and hybrid mechanisms.

Talking about the books of understanding, it has simple language and clear images and context, which are easy to understand. However, there are many topics to be read with this book the author has explained everything well you can start reading this book right away.

This book falls under most sold auto mechanic books with 4.2 ratings out of 5!

Book Content:

  • Introduction to auto mechanics.
  • Estimating
  • Minor Repairs
  • Major BodyFrame Repairs
  • Mechanical and Electrical Repairs
  • Refinishing
  • Collision Repair Professionalism
  • Auto Body Shop TermsTerminos del Taller de Carroceria
  • Abbreviations Used by Body Technicians and Estimators
  • Decimal and Metric Equivalents
  • Viscosity Conversion Chart

This auto mechanics book is written by Martin W. Stockel, which gives you a complete understanding of auto construction operation and mechanics designs. As it explains everything from basic constructions that is related to automotive systems, as it has more advanced concepts that could not be suitable for beginners.

It includes recent technologies details that is recommended for professionals, if you are a professional in automobiles you should consider this one as priority in the book list.

The best thing about the author is he written in the right way, and once you start reading this book, it is more enjoyable as in starting gives basic knowledge, but later it is more informative and involved, which is kind of fun.

It’s all about the automobile, and once you start understanding the book, you will get to know what a best practice for car and mechanism is.

You may also find illustrations in this book (beginners only). It has a rating of 5 out of 5, which is recommendable for buying.

Book Content:

  • Building an engine.
  • Design construction application of engine components.
  • Ignition systems.
  • and 50+ other chapters.

Are you doing a mechanical engineer or want to be a chassis engineer? If yes, then this book is a perfect match for you for grabbing the chassis system knowledge this book has everything that you need to know, written by James D. Halderman.

Though it’s for ASE certification students, it’s also suitable for professionalism as well. However, the book is more expensive than other books; this is good for professional automotive specialist.

This book is having more good ratings than other similar books, 4.6 out of 5.

Book Content:

  • Safety tips for using handtools.
  • Braking system principles.
  • Brake fluid disposal.
  • 40+ other chapters.

Not able to afford expensive automotive books? If yes, then this book is the solution for you as one of the cheapest books in the market, which is written by Tony Candela. This book is all about automotive and electrical wiring.

The book is recommended for professionals, students, and beginners. It has intricate writing patterns, but once you start understanding it, you can go in deep how the vehicle works.

If you want to learn about automotive circuits, then this would be one of the best picks for you to read and gain more knowledge about electrical systems.

Book Content:

  • Understanding Electrical principles and simple circuits.
  • The right tools for the job.
  • The fundamentals of automotive wiring.
  • Ignition switches, harnesses and controllers.
  • Power accessories and charging systems.
  • Advanced installations.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Building a wiring harness.

One of the most popular books on the list can be suitable for every mechanical student and beginner who is highly interested to know how cars work.

The book is written by Tom Newton with the intent of introducing new car parts and one of the best things to buy this book it’s illustrated guide which explains more than 250 car parts.

This book can be a useful practice for you let me tell why the main thing is their test system with the magazine, you can test each chapter after reading it, and that will improve your performance.

Well, with the help of how cars work, you can quickly learn how the vehicle works and its best decision for getting ahead with this profession.

This book is another good pick for those who want to build their cars or cars enthusiast to learn about building cars; Adrian Newey writes it I would like to add it here that it’s not a book, but it’s a whole explain guide about making cars.

Those who don’t know about Adrian Newey, he is a famous car designer and known for his car’s formulas.

His aim for this building guides its racing enthusiast fans.

This guide includes several points that will show you everything about car build from cars factories to technical information, it doesn’t mean you can build your car by reading this book only, but you can know the whole process.

This author got 4.6 ratings out of 5, which is done by more than 600 readers, and that is awesome to grab this book.

Do you want to solve automotive issues on your own? If yes, then your search ends here. Tracy Martin writes the book.

Solving the electrical system problems are very common, so the book is all about to diagnose the automotive electrical system problems and solve them on your own.

It is also a detailed guide, which is excellent for the professional and beginners as well; this guide includes all the tools that you may need for solving the issues you face while repairing automotive vehicles.

Paul Dempsey writes the book; it’s all about to troubleshoot diesel engines. It can be one of the best picks for technical papers.

This guide can be great for DIY repair as the author has mentioned all deep concepts in this individual guide, but you may not receive all answers, and that doesn’t mean you can’t get that position that understands engines.

You can easily understand diesel engines and troubleshooting with this fantastic guide, well you won’t become a perfect diesel mechanic by reading this book but you can reach on that level which will help you to give exposure to your career in future.

Once you started reading this book, you will get theory initially later; you can get deeper once you start understanding it.

Well, there are many auto mechanics books that I have mentioned above, but this one can be the best pick for you for understanding better about engines and cars.

The book intends to teach professionals and students about DIY repairs. I know one book is not enough, but you can choose the right papers which I have mentioned above.

This is another book for massive duty diesel engines that could be the second version of the previous book, or you can combine them part 1 and part 2, but this guide has different aspects and learning methods.

The book is written by Gus Wright, which is a good pick for those who deal with diesel cars, but as compared to other books, it could be expensive, but according to material contains, it’s worth the cost.

However, this guide is quite suitable for students but professional also who loves to have fun while reading, and they can enjoy the learning.

Here is Dave Stribling wrote the book; you may be waiting for it’s one of the most popular books and well known for DIYers.

The author has more than 20 years’ experience in dealing with cars and in writing as well.The book is suitable for DIYers and can be quite helpful for hobbyists; it has a good concept with easy understanding and all about interest in how to maintain cars.

Since it’s quite simple book written for consumers may be not recommended for professionals but still, they give it hands on it, it’s written in the English language with illustrations and photos simplistically guiding everything.

If you are looking for books for professionals, we have added the top 10 list above, check them now.

Automotive is quite well with technologies, so here another great book with the great author James D. Halderman writes the book, James has published more than 17 books about automotive also presented several seminars at the national level for automotive teachers he also a member of NACAT.

The book is a little bit more expensive than other ones but worth to gain the experience James has designed for school students; it includes a lot of details on creating and modifying automobiles.

If you are a beginner of starter its perfect pick for you, it’s not recommended for professionals.

FAQ: Auto Mechanic Books Buyers Guide

Listed below are some common questions that pop up in the reader’s mind regarding the above mentioned products.

What is the best auto repair book for beginner?

There are number of different books that covers various science behind the automobile. It depends on the factors that what you are looking from. We have reviewed over 12 books based on auto repair.

How to download free auto mechanics books?

There are some ways to download auto repair books for free. Sources like google books and other PDF are also available on the internet.

How to get auto mechanics books pdf?

You can get PDF of auto mechanics books from Amazon.com Kindle for free. This way you can get PDF in a legal way.


Thanks for Reading!

I hope you loved the detailed guide about Auto Mechanics Books of 2020, as I have mentioned in this article; it is not just for mechanics. Still, those who are highly interested in this field can give it a try, and we hope all beginners and pros will be able to solve the problem of the automobile on their own after reading our listed books.

As well all know the automotive industry is vast, and it keeps changing and moving to other things also, and we can’t rely on one thing, but knowledge is the best key to be in the market and make one position to understand the concepts.

Learning is not ending thing in every field, but automotive is all about vehicles its keep moving forward with a lot of change with electronics and cars.

Lastly, the books I have mentioned above most of them are well researched and in my opinion, they are best, the knowledge you get in the automotive manuals its gem and you can’t find them even in paid course once you start reading then you can switch to advanced books that are also included with this automobiles books guide. Cheers 🙂

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