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Hello! Welcome to ReviewsBit.com– your resource for Home, Kitchen and All Top products related buying guides. We create top 5 buying guides for different types of equipment. This involves power tools, hand tools, garden and welding equipment, and much more!

The website was started by Sarah Sargam who has a big interest in owning the best equipment. She always felt that he wasn’t able to fulfill a task properly without the right gear. He simply believed that a handyman wasn’t a healthy handyman without the right equipment. Therefore he started ReviewsBit.com.

The site has since then grown exponentially, and so has the team. Today ReviewsBit.com consists of multiple people. We are writers, testers, reviewers and more.

As of writing thousands of unique visitors view our website each day. And this number keeps growing. Therefore we constantly update our website and regularly add new content to satisfy our users.